Access to Post Primary Teaching (APT) Project

SligoCFE has partnered with St. Angela’s college, Sligo (NUIG), to offer students on certain courses a direct route to teacher Education Programmes in the following areas;
• AS001--Home Economics & Biology Second Level Teaching
• AS002--Home Economics & Religious Education Second Level Teaching
• AS003--Home Economics & Irish Second Level Teaching

Students from SligoCFE who undertake the following programmes are eligible to apply
• Social Studies – 5M2181
• Nutrition, Health & Food Science – 5M5267
• Childcare & Pre-School Education – 5M2009
• Chidcare Level 6 – 6M2007

The Access to Post-Primary Teaching (APT) Project is a three-year joint initiative between the National University of Ireland Galway and St. Angela’s College Sligo, which aims to recruit and educate individuals from under-represented groups who are interested in becoming post-primary school teachers. The APT Project is actively reaching out to students who are interested in becoming secondary school teachers, and who are currently completing an approved course of study at SligoCFE.

Student Supports

The APT Project provides a number of pre-entry and post-entry supports for successful QQI-FET entrants.
Post-entry supports for successful QQI-FET entrants include:
• A €1000 equipment bursary on entry to Year 1
• A €500 School Placement grant for each of the five years of study
• A Personal and Academic Liaison (PAL) will be assigned to each student. This is a member of academic staff who will support the student during their studies
• Academic writing and subject specific support throughout their course of study.


In order to participate in the APT Project, individuals will need to:
• Be eligible for free-fees
• Be currently registered on an approved QQI-FET Level 5/6 course at SligoCFE
• Complete a variety of In-reach activities (based at St. Angela’s College) and Out-reach activities (based at your FE provider) throughout the academic year.
• Achieve a QQI-FET major award with 8 distinctions in the year prior to entering St. Angela’s
• Be a first-time entrant to Higher Education (i.e. not already have obtained a Bachelor’s degree, or higher)
• Meet financial requirements for the SUSI Maintenance Grant, or be in receipt of a Back to Education Allowance.

For further information on the APT Program, please CLICK HERE