Welcome to the Garda Vetting Information Page

All PLC Learners in SligoCFE are to be Garda Vetted. We would advise you to start this as soon as you can. Unfortunately Garda vetting from another organisation will not suffice. You must be Garda Vetted through SligoCFE for an MSLETB Course and to conduct your work experience. Please note, you will receive email/SMS notifications and the Vetting Clearance certificate from the Garda Vetting office, not the College. Please read the guidelines below and then complete the necessary documentation. Once completed, you can upload the documents on your student area here.

  1. 100 Point Checklist
  2. NVB1 Form (Over 18's)
  3. NVB1 Form (Under 18's)
  4. NVB3 - Parent consent form (if under 18)
  5. Overseas Clearance in Respect of Garda Vetting